Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving on up!

Today the site has moved to a new url http://www.barrelracerinfo.com/. This will enable the site to grow in many ways. Thanks to all of you who have visited here at Blogspot and become followers. Bookmark the new url http://www.barrelracerinfo.com/ and be patient as we continue to work on the design. Today an interview with Gordon Branham of Branham Farm is posted so go on over and check it out!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Events

The Labor Day weekend is upon us and many of us are asking what happened to summer 2009??? It seems to have flown by. There are many barrel racing events taking place locally that can fill this holiday weekend for you. In Kentucky there is an IBRA show on 9/4 at Shepardsville and on 9/6 at Smiths Grove. For details visit IBRA's website at http://www.ibra.us/. NBHA will be sanctioning shows on 9/5 and 9/6 at Falmouth, Ky. You can visit http://www.nbha.com/ for more information. IPRA will be sanctioning a rodeo in Isom, Ky on 9/4 and 9/5. This is a great rodeo. For anyone looking to turn cans in Tennessee IBRA will host events at McEwen and Friendship on 9/5 and you can visit the IBRA website for details. Volunteer Riding Association is hosting a 4-D race on 9/5 in Clinton, Tn. Checkout http://www.barrelhorseworld.com/ go to the events list for more details. We are headed to Clinton, Tn. and will report on Sunday with winners and hopefully some pictures of the action. Dont miss our interview with Gordon Branham next week when we discuss his outstanding facility and the upcoming Youth Barrel Bash. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hotshot...the decades top barrel horse

The latest issue of Barrel Horse news details the last 10 years from a statistical perspective. The top sires, dams, maternal sires, riders and the leading horses. As one looks at the list of horses Nate Shilabar "Hotshot" tops the list...easily. It is amazing to think he has won over a half million dollars, the majority of which was won with one of his current owners, the Steinhoff's in the saddle. The Steinhoffs certainly have an eye for a good horse as another former mount of theirs, Dial A Red Rooster is also in the top 10.

But what makes "Hotshot" the great horse that he is? Hotshots sire lands number 12 on the list of top sires but that is mostly because of Hotshot's success he only has one other horse listed as a performer. Talent Lady is the top dam with Hotshot as the only money earning offspring. So what part of the Hotshot equation made him the great horse he is today? Was it the trainer? The rider? Is there something within the horse himself that caused him to excel? It will be interesting to follow the Hotshot story as he has now been cloned. This is a controversial issue and is yet to prove that clones can be as successful performers as the originals.

Such a great horse can only be the result of many things going right and the luck of things not going wrong. Trainers, riders, genetics and heart all play a role in what makes a good horse great...it seems it all went well for Hotshot.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Winning the "head game"....

For many barrel racers winning the race in their head may be what determines how well they do in the real race to stop the clock. It happens to most all barrel racers...some describe it as nerves, some as adrenaline. Whatever you call it sometimes "it" can have a negative effect if you don't keep your mind focused on the race. Even seasoned veterans like Janis Wagner say she feels nerves, or an adrenaline rush before a run. "Controlling your nerves is like a head game, you have to picture the perfect pattern or pretend you're at home. Who gets nervous at home?" Janis says to focus on what you need to do during the run and repeat that to yourself all the way through the gate. If you have seen Janis run with her trademark hand on the barrel move you couldn't imagine that she ever deals with being nervous. This is only proof that when you master controlling the "head game" the real game becomes highly successful and Janis has 7 world championships as well as countless other awards to prove it.

Another world champion horsewoman, Jennifer Butcher agrees that staying focused on the task at hand is the key to overcoming nerves. Jennifer says "whatever isn't perfect today you can always correct tomorrow if you do your slow work at home. I dont recommend tuning or training during a run." Jennifer suggest doing the same routine to warm up every time this will benefit both you and your horses nerves. And the best advice is to always have fun.

Just like in any sport the mental game is a huge part of barrel racing and the truly successful people have found a way to overcome distractions caused by being nervous or by an adrenaline rush. For those who really struggle with being nervous practicing a focused approach at home, putting together a consistent warm up routine at the show and having a good time no matter what can lead to success in the arena.

For more information about 7 time AQHA World Champion, many time Congress Champion Janis Wagner visit her website at http://www.janiswagner.com/. You will find information about horses for sale, training, lessons and her many accomplishments. Thanks to Janis for contributing to this article.

Jennifer Butcher's resume includes an AQHA World Championship, 2 time Reserve Congress Champion, IPRA All Region Champion, many wins at the North American Livestock Expo, Kentucky State Fair and many more awards. Jennifer gives lessons and sells barrel horses. She ejoys matching riders and horses. This is especially rewarding when they go on to be a winning pair. You can contact Jennifer by phone 606-542-5258. Thank you to Jennifer for contributing!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tennessee State IBRA show

Shelbyville Tennessee will not only host the Walking Horse Celebration this week but the Tennessee State IBRA show comes to town August 28th and 29th. Year end awards will be handed out after the show on August the 29th. Check back next week for results from the show.

IBRA will be be hosting shows in Bedford Ky on August 28th and 29th and at Smiths Grove on August 29th. For more information on IBRA shows visit http://www.ibra.us/

Those who may follow NBHA events can choose from two shows in Kentucky one in Falmouth and the other in Henderson, Ky. Tennessee NBHA is hosting a show in Millington at the Lazy Anchor Arena. For more information visit the NBHA website at http://www.nbha.com/

Anyone following rodeo can join in the IPRA action at Cowden Illinois at Cowden Pioneer Days on August 29th. IPRA rodeo moves to Peotone Il. for the Will County Fair on August 30th.

Bulls and Barrel Youth Rodeo takes place August 28th and 29th at Rural Mount Arena in Morristown Tn. Visit their website http://www.bullsandbarrelsyouthrodeo.com/.

Good luck to everyone this weekend and have a safe trip home.

Monday we will feature our article on arena nerves with insight from world champions Janis Wagner and Jennifer Butcher...dont miss this article.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stats Guru

If you are a statistical guru you will really enjoy the new issue of Barrel Horse News. This issue contains the industry's top horses, sires, dams, riders, trainers and more from the past decade. Be sure to check it out so you will be in the know.

Continue to remember the Hatzman family. They will feel the effects of this loss long after the formal goodbyes are said and done. Those are the times they will need friends.

Also remember Cory Lampkin. Cory underwent surgery yesterday at Childrens Hospital in Knoxville, Tn. We wish Cory a speedy recovery.

Check back tomorrow for a listing of the weekends upcoming events including the Tennessee State IBRA show.

Remember Monday will be the article on dealing with "arena nerves". Check out expert advice from world champions Janis Wagner and Jennifer Butcher on how they deal with being nervous before a run.

As promised here are just a few pictures from the IBRA show at Rural Mount arena last Saturday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prayers for the Hatzman family and Cory....

My husband and I often discuss how our hobby has changed every thing about our lives. We laugh about how we talk to and spend more time with our horse show friends than people that live next door. The only time we have to socialize is at a horse show or via Facebook, Twitter a blog or a text message. Most of our free time is spent riding and caring for our horses, cleaning our barns and the many other chores involved with our four-legged friends. Horse show people become your real friends and family and in times of need those are the people who will rise to the occasion and lend an ear, a prayer or a helping hand.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Billy Hatzman a talented central Kentucky barrel racer who lost his father in a car accident this week.

We also send out prayers and get well wishes to Cory Lampkin who re-broke his leg yesterday. Cory is a wonderful youth rider from Tennessee who broke is leg a few weeks back during a run a the Fourtune Five. Cory was well on his way to recover and actually made a couple exhibition runs on Saturday at the Morristown show. Cory is back in the hospital and will undergo surgery.